Daily Duenkhy – Human AU

Today is less so a comic and more so total nonsense.

The boys are back in town

(Krystoff gets along semi-decently with Tor, just because Tor is so friendly to everyone. Tor finds Krystoff a little off-putting but they mutually warm up to each other just by way of Tor being friendly and accommodating. Krystoff and Rafael, on the other hand, don’t get along at all because Rafael is too inexpressive and deadpan, and Krystoff finds him frustrating to talk to. But I guess they might end up hanging out anyway if Krystoff and Tor are nice to each other.)

That one scene in Krystoff route where Krystoff shakes hands with Cassius while knowing this is how object heads kiss, but he pretends he doesn’t know specifically to antagonize Cassius. This is how it translates over to a human AU, I suppose.

Shawn and Lady got left out since Shawn *was* human and Lady is purposely very human in appearance already. But I’ll draw them again soon to make up for it.