Jun Renaud

Human / Drifter
“I don’t want to live a life of regret.”

Jun has run away from the human world to do some soul-searching in the duenkhy world. Despite their misanthropic tendencies, deep down Jun is good-natured and cares a lot about others. They can’t help but meddle in people’s problems. Kind of snarky and no-nonsense, though. Their skull mask carries a protective spell.


Life Leech / Bar Owner
“Old enough to know better ‘n’ young enough to kick your ass, sweetheart.”

Having lived hundreds of years, Lady’s done all sorts of things over the course of her lifetime and gets bored easily as a result. She’s free-spirited and tends to go where the wind takes her. Jun doesn’t know much about her despite considering her a close friend.

Cassius Rhodes

Object Head / Struggling Musician
“Hands off the hardware, i-if you don’t mind, please!”

Cassius is a timid keyboard head who hates being treated like a plaything. He’s an aspiring musician, but his own feelings of inadequacy often stop him from chasing after his goals. Self-effacing though he may be, when it comes to his interests, he knows his stuff and speaks very passionately. He’s a bit of an idealist. He plays demo songs against his will when he feels strong emotions.

Shawn Fennoy

Zombie / Streamer
“Best not to get involved with me. …Sorry, what were we talking about again?”

Knowing that society will most likely reject him for being a potential danger, Shawn keeps to himself and keeps his zombieism a secret. He staves off hunger pains by snacking all the time and deals with sleep problems by playing video games all night. He might come across as shy, but he’s just lost his ability to socialize after self-isolating for so long. Stoic with a surprisingly silly side.

Calisto Queensland

Anglerfish / Bar Tender & Tattoo Artist
“Now, what’s an angelfish like you doin’ in a shark tank like this?”

Calisto is a born charmer and story-teller with a great sense of humor. He has a tendency to be overbearing when it comes to watching out for those he cares about, but he generally prefers to be lighthearted and make others smile. He spent most of his life in the ocean, so he’s still adjusting to life on land. A man of strong convictions who never hesitates to stand for what he believes in.

Tor Sharma

Tiger / Technician & Hobbyist Photographer
“Hey there, neighbor! What can I do for you?”

Tor is a warm and friendly fellow who works around the clock as a technician at a local hardware shop. At home, he has a hobby of photography and building his own little projects. He has a secret temper that he has to work tirelessly to keep in check because he doesn’t want to be seen as threatening. Unfortunately, he’s prone to letting others push him around which means his kindness is easy to take advantage of.

RF31 (“Rafael”)

Robot / Runner
“Keep up or I will have no choice but to carry you.”

Rafael is a mysterious robot living on his own. No one knows where he came from, who he was built by, or what his purpose is. He does take an unusual interest in exceedingly normal things like jogging, cooking, and watching TV, though. He tries to act as organic as possible, but his forced attempts usually just emphasize how much of a machine he is. He’s got a little bit of an inferiority complex that he masks by being haughty.


Apparition?? / Nuisance??
“By all means, hate me if you must. It just fuels me more.”

Krystoff is a strange entity who prefers to refer to himself simply as an “apparition.” He comes from a powerful family that boasts a wide range of abilities. He’s insincere and crass, but it’s usually all just a ploy for attention. Despite how much he enjoys getting a rise out of others, he can’t handle teasing at all and is easily flustered. The umbrella he carries is a dignified kasa-obake named Regenald.

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