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Daily Duenkhy – Human AU

Today is less so a comic and more so total nonsense. The boys are back in town (Krystoff gets along semi-decently with Tor, just because Tor is so friendly to everyone. Tor finds Krystoff a little off-putting but they mutually warm up to each other just by way of Tor being friendly and accommodating. KrystoffContinue reading “Daily Duenkhy – Human AU”

Daily Duenkhy – Attentive

Standoffish little Krystoff maybe pays more attention than he’s strictly willing to admit Bonus comic: Post-Krystoff-Route, Krystoff is a little more blasé about these things. Jun loses an eye at the end of that route, so if you see an eyeless Jun, that’s what that’s all about. You can read the full Krystoff route startingContinue reading “Daily Duenkhy – Attentive”

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