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[Krystoff] The Curse (1)

It’s winter in Duen, and time is running out—for me, for Krystoff, and perhaps for the future of Duen as we know it. Melodramatic? Maybe a little bit. I’ve been reading too much lately. In the past few months, I’ve become pretty damn efficient at the traditional duenkhy language’s reading and writing system, an academicContinue reading “[Krystoff] The Curse (1)”

[Krystoff] Interlude

↓ Transcribed text from memoirs below ↓ Apparitions**just my current understanding… -eat negative energy-super strong magical duenkhy-usually assigned zones to maintain, mutually beneficial, they help hold up the barrier between duen + earth APPARENTLY apparition is more of a role than anything. I kinda thought it was a species. ← Especially bc Krystoff’s dad &Continue reading “[Krystoff] Interlude”

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