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Daily Duenkhy – Attentive

Standoffish little Krystoff maybe pays more attention than he’s strictly willing to admit Bonus comic: Post-Krystoff-Route, Krystoff is a little more blasé about these things. Jun loses an eye at the end of that route, so if you see an eyeless Jun, that’s what that’s all about. You can read the full Krystoff route startingContinue reading “Daily Duenkhy – Attentive”

Daily Duenkhy – Jun

Introducing Daily Duenkhy, an unscheduled, disorganized series of one-off gag comics about all the Duenkhy characters. Because I’m too lazy to finish writing the full story in a normal way. For most comics, it will take place in a general “neutral route” setting where Jun isn’t pursuing anyone in particular. If a comic takes placeContinue reading “Daily Duenkhy – Jun”

Krystoff Route Postmortem

Hi! Thank you so much for reading Krystoff’s route. I’m sorry for such an awkward and unconventional story format, but I hope you were able to enjoy it anyway. I’m going to word vomit about it now! THE ORIGINAL DRAFTS You’re not supposed to play favorites with your children, but Krystoff’s story is the oneContinue reading “Krystoff Route Postmortem”

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