What Is This??

Many years ago I tried to make a visual novel dating sim, and like most people, I underestimated how much goes into actually making a good visual novel. That VN was The Duenkhy, and though I got as far as a demo and a rough version of an entire dating candidate’s route, I found myself constantly deterred by how much more the project was taking out of me than I’d anticipated. I’ve always regretted not being able to share my finished vision because I grew attached to these characters, and so I lay this iteration of The Duenkhy before you.

You can think of it as a text-dump of an unreleased, unfinished game, or you can think of it as a text adventure, or you can think of it as a shoddy dialogue-heavy original piece of fiction. There’s a lot of old art assets intermingled with newer sketches that I’ve added in. There’s a lot of story beats that will remain unchanged, and many more that I’ve completely replaced with wholly new writing. This is a confusing piece of work and I don’t expect everyone to fully understand it, but it’s my story that I would like to share with you, however imperfect the presentation may be.

tl;dr, it’s a visual novel turned webnovel, kind of?

Q: But more importantly, how do I pronounce “duenkhy”?
A: “dwen-kai”, rhymes with “when pie”.

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