[Krystoff] The Curse (14)

Behind us, the battle continues to escalate violently. Angkit manages to hook and leverage Kaguyos with her tendrils, and she launches him hard against the wall—repeatedly. Another column comes down, and with it, a good portion of the high ceilings. Angkit and Kaguyos ignore the collapsing concrete and rafters, but Krystoff has to be smart on his feet to keep us out of harm’s way. Regenald spreads above us and helps block us from any stray debris.

JUN: You don’t have to keep carrying me, I can walk just fine… probably.

KRYSTOFF: Without the talisman drawing energy from me, you might have… died right away. And now it’s gone, so all you have is my direct presence.

JUN: Yeah, but all this is gonna do is make it harder for you to—

KRYSTOFF: Just this once. Accept kindness without putting up a fight. 

JUN: …

JUN: Okay.

I nestle against him and listen to his heartbeat ease at the closeness. We turn our attention back to Kaguyos and Angkit, who have most likely forgotten we’re even here.

KAGUYOS: My bride, why are you doing this? What have you done to yourself?

ANGKIT: I was never any bride of yours. Our partnership was only a means to your demise.

KRYSTOFF: Well, Jun. Now you’ve met my entire wretched family, and borne witness to my parents fighting. Aren’t you a lucky one?

Now feels like an extraordinarily inappropriate time to laugh, so I just give him a contained smile. We’re still not in the clear yet, and honestly, we should probably get out of here while Kaguyos is thoroughly distracted, but Krystoff keeps hesitating like he can’t leave until he sees how this fight plays out. I share his apprehension, so I just sit tight for the time being.

JUN: I’d offer to introduce you to mine in return, but not only is that probably impossible, I’d also rather not cause either of us any more psychic damage if I can help it.

KRYSTOFF: Do you really mean to tell me your parents are worse than a demonic overlord and a cosmic abomination?

JUN: Hmm…

A deafening crash halts any of the more frivolous thoughts I was entertaining. Angkit gained the upper hand and has Kaguyos pinned to the floor with a series of projections, evenly stabbing and restraining his silhouette like a butterfly in a display case.

Kaguyos grapples and strains, but even his immense strength cannot overcome the hold Angkit has on him this time. She gestures wildly and summons sword after sword after sword after sword, shredding him to ribbons in a relentless display that leaves no room for me to doubt her conviction where killing him is concerned.

JUN: Sh-should we… help her?

KRYSTOFF: …No… He’s done for.

She makes one last fervid gesture with both hands, conducting her magic with ease, and two dozen ghostly spikes clamp and skewer Kaguyos like an unfortunate mouse caught in a bear trap. The ruthlessness of her magic jostles the castle into another series of quakes.

Kaguyos’ mighty, monstrous body goes stiff, and then sags. Angkit has slaughtered the beast.

KRYSTOFF: We really have to get out of here now. For real this time.

JUN: Yeah.


>Escape the castle

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