[Krystoff] The Curse (9)

ROTYS’LAV: Oh, my darling little Ander. You served me well this year. Hate to see ya go, but farewell!

Rotys’lav slays Ander before our very eyes. Like it’s nothing, like he was no one. He rests one foot on the pumpkin’s head and crushes it to a pulp, and I squeeze my eyes shut for that moment of impact.

Ander’s blood trickles outwards like a creeping vine and activates a seal drawn underneath him. A summoning spell.

My heart twists at the gory display, but I suspected a spell of that calibre was going to require a gruesome offering. Krystoff did too, as he watches unflinchingly.

ROTYS’LAV: Thanks for your sacrifice! Everyone say thank you, Ander! Let’s not let his death go to waste, now!

The ground begins to tremble. A tremendous and violent earthquake shakes the building as the seal activates and burns white hot with magic. Krystoff maintains a sturdy hold on me, his eyes never leaving Rotys’lav. The air becomes heavy with an apprehension so potent it nearly has a physical presence. It hangs like a weight around my neck.

>But something goes wrong.

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