[Krystoff] Interlude

↓ Transcribed text from memoirs below ↓

*just my current understanding…

-eat negative energy
-super strong magical duenkhy
-usually assigned zones to maintain, mutually beneficial, they help hold up the barrier between duen + earth

APPARENTLY apparition is more of a role than anything. I kinda thought it was a species. ← Especially bc Krystoff’s dad & brother are both also apparitions but I guess Kaguyos just had enough power and influence to siphon some of his strength and territory for his sons. ~nepotism~

Apparently the three of them are “engkantos” and this bastard → (drawing of Krystoff) just never told me. “Didn’t think it really mattered.”
I had to look up what an engkanto is, lol

-becoming an apparition not only enhances a duenkhy’s latent abilities, but also gives them a few (if they didn’t have them already)
-I think levitation, sensing emotions, healing super fast, and anything to do w/ the barrier is unique to apparition-hood. ← there might be more, idk

Kaguyos, Apparition; King of Engkanto

-apparently he is wicked strong
-territory spans a lot of land
-kinda DILFy, ngl

Kaguyos + Angkit (human, dead) → Krystoff
Kaguyos + some other apparition → Rotys’lav


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