[Krystoff] The Cage (2)

When the portal between Krystoff’s front door and his foyer spits me out, I get this weird sense that the portal is… hot, like it’s just been used or something. I shelf the thought for now, more pressed by the gruesome sight that greets me.

Damn!! This again! It looks like my intuition was right but once again too late. At the very least, I spot Krystoff leaning against one of the stair banisters, battered but still standing. This time, Regenald is at his side, looking a little roughed up as well.

KRYSTOFF: Ah, hello, Jun.

JUN: What do you mean, “Ah, hello Jun”!! You told me this wouldn’t happen if we made the contract-bond-greeting-whatever. What happened??

Krystoff coughs, and it’s just pathetic enough that I ease off on my reflexive anger. It’s not his fault, as far as I know anyway, so I shouldn’t be mad. I’m just annoyed that the contract didn’t prevent this like I’d hoped it would.

KRYSTOFF: I held my own much better this time. For whatever that’s worth.

JUN: Well, yeah, I’m glad about that. You don’t look nearly as awful as last time, but you’re still a mess.

KRYSTOFF: Most of the blood isn’t mine this time!

He looks so actually pleased with this that I can’t help but smirk slightly.

REGENALD: A little help would be most coveted here, Jun.

JUN: Right. Let’s get him to the bathroom since he’s well enough to be upright.

KRYSTOFF: Oh, don’t crowd me, you two, I’m quite capable of walking up the stairs myself…

Nevertheless, Regenald and I help support Krystoff’s weight, and he leans into the help without further complaint.

>To the bathroom

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