[Krystoff] The Corridor (11)

TOR: Heh. Your drink is cute, Krystoff.

KRYSTOFF: Don’t underestimate it just because it looks pretty. It’s a stiff drink.

TOR: Oh, trust me, I know! Lemme have a sip.

KRYSTOFF: Ugh, use your own straw…

TOR: Alright, alright. …Siiiiiip.

TOR: Whew!! That don’t play around! Kinda tastes like old timey poison, but like, a little fruity. Try it, Jun!

JUN: I have my tea, but thanks.

Even though it’s not really his to offer to me, hahaha.

JUN: And come to think of it, how come drinking things is perfectly fine, but eating grosses you out, Krystoff?

He takes a long, avoidant sip of his drink and bats his eyelashes at me. I lower my chin at him. He’ll know I’m glaring.

KRYSTOFF: …It’s just different.

JUN: How?!

KRYSTOFF: It’s really different!! The whole process of eating disgusts me… chewing, swallowing, feeling it in your gut, having to dematerialize the matter and reintegrate it into the somatic echelon…

JUN: Oh. You have to take a couple of steps that I don’t.

KRYSTOFF: It’s just so unpleasant. It makes me feel sick. Drinking isn’t nearly so arduous.

TOR: Cheers to that!

Tor clinks his mug against Krystoff’s little glass and almost upends the thing, but Krystoff barely saves it. They drink in unison, and dare I say, it’s kinda cute to watch them drink together despite barely knowing each other.

CASSIUS: That’s kinda nice to hear… Everyone who eats always tells me I’m missing out by not being able to. I get kinda sad that I can’t even try it, sometimes.

KRYSTOFF: It’s overrated. There’s plenty of other bodily pleasures the physical world has to offer.

Cassius holds hands up to his ‘face’ and artfully manages to look embarrassed by the comment. I just eat my french fries and pretend I’m not also embarrassed.

TOR: Yeah, like music!

CASSIUS: OH! Right!!! I have to get ready to perform now! I’ll see you all later!!

Cassius runs off, and I catch a glimpse of Lady escorting him onto the stage. Glad he didn’t get lost in the masses. Watching him carefully weave his unwieldy head shape between people is a truly impressive sight.

>Enjoy the ambiance

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