[Krystoff] The Corridor (6)

Krystoff walks me back to my front porch, which he doesn’t usually do, but we were in the middle of a discussion when I decided it was time for me to head home, so he just kind of followed me out as we continued to talk.

KRYSTOFF: And that’s why Cyrabuian sentences are usually short.

JUN: Okay, that makes a lot of sense. It’s interesting the degree to which languages arise out of the needs and behaviors of the cultures that use it.

KRYSTOFF: Isn’t it?

LADY: …Oh!

JUN: Oh, welcome home, Lady!

KRYSTOFF: Hello, Lady.

LADY: Thanks! And good evening to you, Krystoff. I trust you’ve been behaving yourself?

KRYSTOFF: Why are you talking to me like I’m a problematic child? I’ve been the perfect picture of a gentleman, have I not, Jun?

JUN: I guess? …Oh, come on, don’t pout.

LADY: Haha. Well, now’s as good a time as any to mention this, since you’re both here. The bar is having a grand reopening at the end of the month. There’ll be music and some really good deals on food and drinks. It’s gonna be big! I hope. So you two should come.

JUN: Crowded bars aren’t really my thing, but I’ll go to support you.

KRYSTOFF: Sure, I’ll show up. Easy energy collection all in one place.

LADY: You can eat and drink for free, my sweet Jun. And you can hide in the employees-only area if it gets to be too much.

JUN: You don’t have to give me any special treatment…

KRYSTOFF: What about me, huh?

Lady puts her hands on his face and squeezes. Panic flickers in Krystoff’s eyes for just a second, and I belatedly wonder if he thought she was gonna try to drain his life or something.

LADY: You get… nothing from me!! Silly rich boy!

Then she pats him and lets go, and he looks like a rabbit that narrowly avoided the bear trap. I hide a not-so-stifled laugh behind one hand.

KRYSTOFF: You’re awful as always, Lady.

LADY: Don’t you forget it! Anyway, I’m gonna make dinner now. Jun, are you eating with me?

JUN: Yeah! I’ll be there in a second.

I turn back to Krystoff—and Regenald, though he rests with a closed eye on Krystoff’s shoulder, so I’m unsure of whether or not he’s checked out for the day—and tilt my mask up enough to smile.

JUN: Today was fun. Thanks for thinking of me. With the outfit, and the library.

KRYSTOFF: Huh? Oh, uh—yeah. I mean, yes. It’s no problem.

JUN: I appreciate it. I’ve got some stuff to do this week, but I’ll see you next week, yeah?

KRYSTOFF: Y-yeah… sure. See you later.

JUN: Good night, Krystoff. And Regenald.

I wave the two off and follow Lady into the house to help her with whatever culinary challenge she’s laid out for herself tonight. All in all, it’s been a pretty productive day.





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