[Krystoff] The Contract (2)

Krystoff’s umbrella unfolds with a loud whoosh and almost hits him in the face in the process. I have to stifle laughter, which isn’t hard for me to do once I realize there’s a giant blinking eye that’s opened on the umbrella as well.

KRYSTOFF: Regenald!! I can handle this myself.

REGENALD: Clearly not, considering you’ve been sitting here bickering idly with the human for ten painful minutes.

KRYSTOFF: It hasn’t been that long. You exaggerate.

REGENALD: Even another second of your childish banter is unbearable for me to think about. With all due respect, young master.

So… I guess the umbrella is alive and can talk. I’m not terribly surprised by that at this point, but there sure is something about the sight of Krystoff arguing with his sentient umbrella. Better the umbrella than me, I guess.

REGENALD: You there. Honorable human. Sir? Ma’am?

JUN: Neither. Thanks, though. Just Jun is fine.

REGENALD: Right, then. Honorable Jun. What my humble young master is trying to say is that he would very much like to invite you to our abode and get to know you. As the appointed apparition of this zone, it could bring protection to both him and you if we were to come to a place of mutual trust and understanding with each other.

JUN: Humble young master, huh?


Krystoff looks like he’s actually burning with embarrassment at being spoken over by his umbrella. The sight of him silent and agreeable actually makes me want to go along with whatever this Regenald is asking me, absurd as it sounds.

I certainly have my questions, and though I trust Lady, I do kind of suspect that there are things she’s withholding from me, so it’s not the worst idea to hear from another duenkhy about what’s going on.

JUN: You guys want a playdate with me so we can talk duenkhy politics. Okay, fine. It sounds kind of interesting and I have no one else to hang out with today. Just know that if I go missing, Lady will notice and she can probably make life miserable for you.

REGENALD: You need not worry for your wellbeing, honorable Jun. We have your best interest in mind.

KRYSTOFF: Enough, then. Follow me, human. I suppose I can grace you with tea just this once.

He recovered pretty quickly. I follow, against my better judgment.

KRYSTOFF: You do like tea, right? Because you should.

JUN: Uh, I mean, I guess? I heat up teabags in the microwave sometimes when I’m sick.

KRYSTOFF: You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s disgusting. Are all humans this gross? Come along, keep up!

He recovered too quickly.

>Enter Krystoff’s home

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